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March 13, 2009

The Branch Diary, Final Year

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Year, The final – “ Needing a bailout”

OC finally became the CR and well, got right down to business. There were very few courses to be handled as everyone clamored to find the easiest course on the pile to fulfill the minimum credit requirements. Final year will always be the year you wanted to be in.

The placement season was finally upon us. There was a new guy at the helm and he was learning the ropes. But the stormy weather and general stubbornness to learn were proving quite a hindrance. There were many a frantic post in the group expressing a general sense of annoyance and dismay. But despite the hiccups it finally got underway. The PCs OC, Abhi and Anusha paid more visits to the ATB than they ever did through all of first year. Oracle took away the cream of the class (at least the cream that was interested) with Dillu getting the top job at the server technologies division. Netapp and D E Shaw got Sagar, CKBV and CET #1 while Madhava got into the troubled realms of Yahoo ( with Jerry Yang leaving them, he may be their only real catch in 2008). But these were troubled times and we were feeling the pinch.

When finally Symbian and ZS were done in September more than half of the class was placed. But the general slowness of the offers coming forth and with many companies deciding to play it safe there was an air of disappointment and discontent. By this time last year most of the branch had been placed.

Life was teaching us what it meant to survive. But if life was being an ass, we didn’t let it bully us. There was very little we could do about it besides enjoying whatever time we had left together in the branch. After many false starts and threads in the group fanning out into indecipherable spam we finally got together for a class trip.

The trip was to the sita falls. It was grueling trek (for some of us) what with the recent monsoons making the trail not run of the mill. The leeches had to be warded off with pinches of salt every 5 minutes. But I guess, it was all worth the effort when we finally got to the falls falling off the cliff in all its majestic glory. For once we could forget all the placement woes and live life like it was meant to be lived.

The morose placement season continued with offers slowly trickling and by the end of the semester a significant majority had been placed.

By the end of the semester we had our project proposals ready. None of them would have won any major award for extraordinary researches in computer science. But we did come up with catchy titles. We are good at that.

The next semester dawned on us with hectic preparations for Engi and Inci (For people who are into such things). For the rest of us it was a very dry and boring semesters with the department being kind enough to provide courses with credits so that they conveniently let us fill the minimum quota for the semester (come on, 4 credits for IS? get real for once!). Life was very slow. Some of us indulged in incessant spamming in the group. Each thread generally ended with CKBV giving some arbit Linux fundae and Siva pleading innocence and claiming that someone else must have used his id. Some of us tried to be funny and made videos ridiculing the system, kannada actors and everyone nobody really cared about. Some of us went to exotic locations trying to understand the meaning of male bonding and incentives that come with such an endeavor. Some of us prepared for the technical seminars and gave speeches regarding the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle or about human cloning. Holla decided that it’s never too late to start and had his first joint venture with Abhi, only to spend the next day dozing on the last bench and leave the teacher wondering if he was alright.

Over the course of this, we have had a few new entrants into the department in the form of permanent staff (finally). They are god level qualified and we are kinda thankful to have missed them and their scrutiny for all those semesters we successfully conned our way through. But it is heartening to know that IT was finally getting some real good stuff where it mattered.

I guess its time for farewells though there has been no word about a party. We should start giving the juniors a few gentle reminders. There will be many a tear shed.


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