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March 13, 2009

The Branch Diary, First year

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Day One. Amidst relentless downpour and grey skies, a troop of fresh faces ambled into ATB 2.2. Most of us were in a confused daze, what with the orientation taking us on a tour of a department that didn’t have Information Technology written on any of its hallowed halls. Where exactly was our department? Over the week many left us, many joined the crowd. Over the course of next two semesters this was going to be our abode, our base where we would discuss, debate and try to understand a department that wasn’t a department and how we could define ourselves in the mess the rains had welcomed us to.

Year, The First – “Searching for the Department”

The first semester witnessed the Great-Board-Yatra with the (mostly) undernourished students lugging a bulky EG Board all the way. Once they got there, their anguish was only amplified by incorrigible instructions to draw lines, lines and more lines. To complement this sad state of affairs, sweaty workshops with a great deal of banging (no pun intended) made its way into our lives. The heavens took pity on us and introduced us to our all-powerful workshop instructor whose entertaining tales were the highlight of the season. Lurking around was another veiled terror – The Surprise Test! Beginner’s luck was highly evasive in this case. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, enter negative marking. It was the age where getting zilch was no longer an evil. Attendance got a makeover with the revolutionary concept of ‘half-an-attendance’. So you are in class and yet you aren’t…It’s a matter of perspective, after all, isn’t it?

Elections came along and so did some award-winning oratory:

Praveen CR(who went on to become the CR, duh) : “My brother is in final year in this college so I should become CR.”

IT mata (who left us a year later to solder circuits) : “I got classes canceled last week so that people could go home.”

Mata, we’ve been doing that for four years now.

For most of us, getting into an IIT is an unfulfilled dream. But some people work in quite a different way. Take DK for instance. It was one year of engineering physics at IIT Madras, then a stint at NITK, Surathkal and then (which we were to find out after he left us) a stint at a local college. His thought provoking arguments with most instructors was quite a sight and we enjoyed every bit of it. Even the profs were intrigued.

Physics teacher: You haven’t attended lab exam. Do you know who is your lab instructor?
DK : No.
Physics teacher: Am I your lab instructor?
DK : Maybe.

CP Sir to DK: “Why didn’t you attend the CP Lab Exam?”

DK: “I didn’t feel like attending it”

Come to think of it most of us don’t feel like attending exams. If only we had the guts to act on those feelings we wouldn’t have to sit through those sweaty hours. DK was to continue his antics with an enlightening talk on the appropriate fitting of underpants for jogging – an art that could improve your stamina for… er… lets just end the sentence right there.

This diary entry would be incomplete without the mention of academics.

A chemistry Report by Dillu , a whopping 103-pages colour print out, is something the class will never forgive him for. This year also saw the emerging of the class toppers Sagar, CET #1 and Subbu(though she protests she actually emerged only in 2nd year). Funny how the only A’s anyone else found in their grade cards were the ones with A’s in their names.

The year finally drew to a close with us homesick freshers hurrying back home and yet breathlessly (some of us suffered strokes) awaiting the onset of Year 2!


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