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March 13, 2009

The Branch Diary, Second year

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Year, The Second – “Learning the ropes”

We at IT are a very generous bunch. We gave away our class topper IT Mata to continue her reign in higher circuits. Vishwas moved in from Civil. Meanwhile Deepika left us to pursue darker arts at the NLS.

Third semester ushered us into our ‘branch’. DSA and DIG proved to be two of the most interesting subjects. Under the able leadership of ND, the newly elected CR, we learnt the most important subject – the art of dealing with ALs. This was quite a task as we saw in the days that followed, since each AL simply disappeared without a trace just when we had gotten around to remembering her name. Ms. Gangotri still holds the record for the longest tenure, three entire semesters. The highlight of the DSA course was the Freudian slip by the AL while writing the evaluation scheme on the blackboard which read as follows:

20% – Tests

30% – Mid <beep>

50% – End <beep>

The hysterical laughter that followed, when the embarrassed lecturer tried to rub the profanity of the board, must have caused quite a lot cracks in the walls of that class.

Probability theory was quite a pleasant surprise for most of us as we had one hell of a fresh face teaching it to us. By this time, Yatin was showing us all what a brilliantly interesting personality he was with all his desperate attempts at trying to tickle our funny bones. Here’s a sample:

Q: Why did the lioness become beautiful suddenly after sitting on a stone?

A: Because she became sher-on-stone (Sharon Stone)


Freshers was just around the corner. Every club in college was holding a dance workshop around this time and it became absolutely essential to attend at least one. Manohar tried his luck with IT’s dancing queen only to end up with a broken heart and the Salsa tag. At the freshers, Praveen CR a.k.a Jumping Jack left us wondering which African tribal dance workshop he attended. He could’ve given a chimpanzee a run for its money.

Fourth semester brought in its wake a second dose of ALs. You see some of them were good (at least they thought they were). Take this enlightened teacher for instance. She thought that coding binary search in Assembly level language is a perfectly reasonable question for a lab assignment. Just about 300 lines of code and 3 consecutive night outs, no sweat.

The most intriguing subject this semester was of course, CG. We were having our first dose of the HOD and his classes were eagerly awaited (by some) everyday. The mini-project gave many of us sleepless nights as deadlines approached, but was a learning experience (again for some) nevertheless . Throughout the sem, the IT junta were busy trying to draw, translate and rotate rectangles, polygons and spoked wheels that were supposed to intersect and cross paths but simply wouldn’t.

At the end we had this as the question for the semester lab exam: Simulate the flying motion of a stick figure bird. The bird must first run a few steps, flap its wings up and down and then fly across the diagonal. As it flies higher up, it must decrease in size.

‘What!? No thanks, I think I’d rather watch real birds do the same and save myself some trouble.’

We sat there completely dumbfounded realizing how hopelessly inadequate all the coding had been. Most of our final simulations would have put any self respecting bird (and for that matter nature for how the birds looked) to shame.

Yet these painful inflictions couldn’t keep IT from being ITself. By the end of the semester, more than three-fourths of the class had attendance shortage. The generous hearted MP teacher salvaged their records – by taking extra classes! Afternoon siestas only became more pronounced with the droning of our ancient MP teacher. With the semester actually being a busy one what with more credits allocated and the torrent of club events to organize, it slipped away quietly.

However, we at IT always manage to find something to make some noise about. The class decided to chant Subhash Kote, Cres Kote, Seek Kote or Dream Kote depending on what our ‘leading lady’ was clad in. Dillu and Balti, meanwhile kept themselves busy ‘connecting’ to each other with patch cords in the DIG lab. We were eagerly looking forward to interesting developments in third year, little aware of what else was in store for us.


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