The IT bitmap


The authors of this blog prefer to remain anonymous at the time being.

This is a class blog and all members shall [extra] slowly be added to the contributors list of this blog.

It is to be noted that the authors shall not be using this blog for any commercial purpose.

We will try and remain as unbiased as possible. We hate everybody equally.

For authors opinions regarding various issues, write in the comments..


The Players

Lal, Abhishek, Baba, Adi, Sen, Psyche, Aks, Akshay, Tima, Khati, Anusha, Arine, Bhatta, Ashwin, Bala, CKBV, Rao, Holla, Dibya, Dillu, Balti, Ganesh, GB, Harjot, Yatin, AK, Aimol, Kushi, Praveen, mtg, Salsa, Nish, Nitin, Yeda, Pondy, Prashant Mohan, CR, Asha, OC, Rajarshi, Rajat, Rama, Abhi, DreamKote, Roger, Trehan, Mehra, ND, Shashank Shah, Shayak, Sivakumar, Sogy, Shiny, Surya, Tariq, Arun, Vasu, Viju, Vikram, Darshan, Veee


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