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September 28, 2007

Why Operating system authors are brilliant in mind-reading

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It had been in my mind for a long long time..

I mean, something this obvious cannot be overlooked by anyone, anyone rational at the least. Look around you, all the operating systems ever written. and you got to understand english!! we are talking operating systems, not history, to be good – technically. You get it ? No, you don’t . Read it again, and again and again until your brain kills the thought because it spawned too many process. Does it look like a history question to you, eh?

Why do you think we are not given written question papers. Confidential intellectual property. yes, you read it correct. the second word is the crux of the matter.

With the quality of research output being produced, one can not risking having un-intentionally given away research secrets. Btw, for those people who have not really bothered to peep into those boxes in the research lab, they have got real-time hard disk encryption. 1025 bit algorithm produced in-house. Yes, you guessed the author right too.. you are getting too good in history..

Let’s look into the matter at hand. How many operating systems have you really seen. Few in the class might have seen more than two or three. btw,Windows rocks!! Even otherwise, who are these people who have written these. What about all the software that runs your phone, your washing machine, the bank ATM, the network router, and maybe also those systems that control rockets that intend to land on the planets far far away.

Next, look into them closely. Closer. More closer. You begin to realize the common traits these people had. Did they all have degrees in advanced English literature.The best in business, i believe had taken calligraphy classes..

Practical evidence suggests that good marketing of the available product will make up for the lack of either coding skills, or the understanding of the question itself.

We are learning about the real world(the hard way?).yay(why am i not excited?).

The point is, the competition is also doing the same. The whole market thrives on inept competition. wow.

Should we celebrate this era where operating systems is more about English than operation.

Or the time when only negligible parts of the course content is taken up,courtesy lecturer’s retarded brain(ahem,) The rest are left disguised as an honourable act of not over-burdening the students.

Or the time when their demeanor comes in the way of teaching !!

We continue to ROCK.


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