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September 21, 2007

Living through a dream..

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Its been two years since this branch opened its doors to me.One year since the first freshers.Two days since the second.

Okay,lets all agree that everybody hates freshers.The indian government,the rwandan and so on.Come on when thousands of people are dying in central africa due to lack of water,food,cakes etc how can we justify freshers.I mean obviously freshers is so pointless.What did we achieve apart from getting the economics test postponed.Which was again a pointless exercise.

So what did we achieve.The juniors saw,well,the HOD(i.e the department),their seniors were all there(though we did show them DK,they probably missed the whole point anyway they were rooting for gangothri in that photo,come on,who won’t),and most importantly none of the seniors looked particularly depressed(though again yatien looked the part of a guy who had gone way overboard and was on anti-depressants,but again he is not depressed he simply has the mad cow disease-now,we know that,don’t we?).

Basically freshers are all about showing what we are,were,and will be.And believe me we did do exactly that.We showed them….well…something?

We had the same thing last year.Paper dances,food,speech,dept building,Assurances about how we would move in to the new building across the road,arbit schedules for the same.We love it,don’t we?.Cheered him last year.Cheered him this year.Next on.We love being in the denial.Amnesiacs?Any takers?

We ROCK for some reason.God bless us.


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