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January 25, 2008

Leon,The Professional

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“If you want a job done well hire a professional”.Well,that’s what the movie told us.So the HOD did.Hired a man,nay a hitman,who strikes terror in the hearts of the slackers,a man who distributes justice like a spread of jam over bread,a man who is the embodiment of professionalism.Sort of like Caligula is the embodiment of the mercy that Shakespeare spoke of.

So here we are.A bunch of nihilistic,disillusioned and extremely fidgety 20 somethings itching to spew forth our shrill rhetoric on to unsuspecting and uncaring bunch of other nihilistic,disillusioned and extremely fidgety 20 somethings.And Leon in his infinite wisdom says “No Projector”. Professional Practice without projectors?!!You’ve got to be kidding me!! The absurdity can be fathomed only by paraphrasing that silver-tongued orator,Laloo Yadav:”Jab tak samose mein aaloo rahega,tab tak PP mein projector rahega”.I mean,what total nincompoops people look holding cue-cards in their hands,when a perfectly serviceable projector is only a few metres away.

Leon,the Professional considered another title before settling for this.Leon,The Silencer.That’s cuz he silences people,you know.So,now we have a gag-order in place which bars honest,well-meaning students from airing opinions on topics of their choice.”Sentiments will be hurt” is his stock-phrase.Well,if I wanted to,I could let my sentiments be hurt in hajaar different ways. One guy insulted my browser,another called my chidhood-hero an “idiot”.But the whole point is to give everyone a platform to articulate,however controversial their topic.What price Free Speech?

But lets not demean Leon.He’s Professional.He checks for justified reports albeit he doesn’t cast even a cursory glance at the content.He wants people to practise a seminar of 12 minutes,fully aware that in a never-ending,tripping class of 3 hours 3 minutes can be the difference between life and death.He cuts off people after 15 minutes,not caring one whit whether they have something more to share with their friends.

After all he IS Leon,the Professional.


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