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January 26, 2008

The IT Quiz…

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Question paper for entrance into 05 IT.

Take IT…. at you own risk.

Q 1: Who has permissions to put food into a database?
A 1: Annadaata (Anna – Data).

Q 2: Which river flows through the IT department?
A 2: Gangotri.

Q 3: What do you need to fix Damien Demello?
A 3: DAEMON Tools.

Q 4: Who can teach Networks and Web Development the best?
A 4: Spiderman (Net-works and Web Development!).

Q 5: Which company sponsored the IT dept?
A 5: Nike. So they could write “Just do IT”.

Q 6: What base does the HOD choose for his pizza?
A 6: A Data-base.

Q 7: Why couldn’t Harjot convince the teacher to cancel the class?
A 7: Because he is Harjot Singh, Not Convin Singh (convincing).

Q 8: Why is it a nice sight to see Darshan and Sagar Trehan walking together?
A 8: Coz you get to see Sagar-Darshan. (Sight of the sea).

Q 9: What is the Operating System (OS) that Gandhi invented?
A 9: Raghuram OS.

Q 10: What MTP theory can we use to stop the MTP teacher Indraani?
A 10: Motivation! We just have to shout, “Moti, Wait!”

No IT, No fun. Know IT, Know fun. 🙂


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