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March 13, 2009

The Final section

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Things we will miss

All the impromptu screaming of the words Sen , Baba, Kote, Proxy (Darshan is his real name, folks), Salsa, GPL, Kerala followed by Yeda etc that generally left the teachers quite nervous.

The Management Theory classes.


The general lack of classes

Getting away with abysmally low attendances.

Bheem boy being greeted with applause whenever he decided to grace the class with his presence.

The incessant spamming in the group. But maybe we will never miss it. We pretty much expect it to continue happening with people posting from the comforts of their homes and offices.

Status messages ranging from arbit to condescending:

Aks – I wish I had a clone.

The hallowed Bhatta after 4th semester – Metamorphosis of a 7 pointer into a 9 pointer

Things we look forward to,

ND, Lal and Bheem boy taking Naabo to greater heights.

The department getting that coat of paint it so badly needs.

A elevator for the new building that HOD is lobbying so hard for.

Some AL beating Ms.Gangotri’s record for longest service period.

OC beating arbit Chinese dude to become the ultimate coder in the world.

Finally, to round up, some quotes that we won’t forget in a hurry:

Bubu the OS Goddess:

If you didn’t understand today, you ll understand in the next class.

I’m confused. I’ll explain in next class.

Go and stand on the back.

I don’t know how it is a stack but it is given that way only in the book.

I know your answer is right but I won’t give you marks. <Evil grin>

The man who knew too much:

Go to police station to lodge a complaint about your lost book.

I know how to clip your wings

You waste my time by asking doubts

(After 2 hours in a lab exam)”It’s not my fault that you sat on a faulty comp.”

I will definitely give 2-3 FFs.

Its because you wrote a faulty program that the server is crashing again and again.

I have done 2-3 Trees as well as optimal BST in just 2 hours during my college years.

To a colleague after his usual stint with hapless students: If u don’t screw them they ll sit on your head.

PJ Thatha:

I see romance in all your eyes. You are all very romantic people.

To Ramachandra Shenoi: Are you related to the great actor MG Ramachandra?

We are most of the time pathetically clueless. A message to the group by the ever messaging CR went like, “ Hi frens. Time table… 9 to 10 eco.. 10 to 11 ads… 11 to 12 dbs…”

The replies that followed went like this

Reply one: “Hey dude, is 8-9 free?”

Reply-two: “Hey dude, is the afternoon free..?”

Reply-three: “Hey we have only three hours tomorrow?”

Ok this one is by an endangered species. They generally tend to be pretty much reclusive. But they do have come up with the occasional gem.

CR: “Hi. Syllabus is only till lexical analysis. Parser is not coming.”

A very concerned student: “dude. It can’t be this less. How can she put such a small portion for the test.”

Four years have passed by in the blink of a eye. Probably many years down the line when we reminiscence of this time we spent together we will realize how special it was. As our lives as students in this college draws to a close, we will take back many fond memories with us, especially of the department that made the last four years the experience it was.


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